A Pain Relief Project: The Story Behind VTA

When VTA CEO Amira Idris was interning at a prosthetic clinic during her undergraduate studies at the University of Delaware, she came into contact with a disheartened amputee that would leave a lasting impact on her.

"Why does it matter? In a few years I'm going to die anyway," the middle-aged man commented, after doctors found out he wasn't taking care of his leg. Depressed and frustrated, this gentleman was one of the 2 million people in the United States living with limb loss, and part of the 80% of amputees who experience a condition known as phantom limb pain (PLP).

Concerned, Idris worked closely with prosthetic clients and discovered that this severe pain can lead to insomnia, difficulty functioning, and a decreased quality of life.

Treatments for phantom limb pain include prescription drugs, massage and physical therapy, but these methods aren't always effective. Idris also noticed that there weren't any solutions designed specifically for amputees to alleviate pain.

Through research, interviews, and support, Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel was founded!

VTA is working towards creating a vibrating sleeve product made specifically for limb loss patients. Through careful engineering, Idris and her team have developed a product that allow clients to adjust the frequency of the vibrations to a point where they're comfortable and pain-free. VTA's products are estimated to officially go out by the halfway point of 2017, and Idris hopes to revolutionize the industry of pain mangement.

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Legal Disclaimer: All claims and results within are based on anecdotal evidence and literature reviews on vibration therapy research. 


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