Mission Accomplished

Louisville, KY-- From August 3-5, TheraV was present at the Amputee Coalition of America National Conference, in Louisville, Kentucky. TheraV was represented by CEO and founder Amira Idris, and two interns, Emelyn Jaros and Matthew Ballman. This was the first time TheraV was officially introduced as a company to the public.

The conference was also the place the ELIX (TheraV’s wearable drug-free pain management device) was exhibited to the public. The TheraV team was thrilled to see the positive response and excitement from the larger amputee community, and delighted with the reception of the device and how quickly the news of the new pain management solution spread throughout the conference. The first day, over 80 people visited TheraV’s booth to test the ELIX and learn about the company.

Throughout the conference TheraV had a total of 207 visitors try ELIX device. Some attendees who were experiencing pain or discomfort during the conference, came to test the device to see if they can have their pain alleviated. To their astonishment, while wearing ELIX, they experienced immediate release from their pain.

“Wow this feels nice, and I don’t feel the pain”, said Jodie Oconnell, a three-year attendee of the conference. “I can’t believe I can actually move my thump right now”. Jodie was experiencing pain and cramping on her non-amputated hand, when her colleague, also an upper limb amputee, referred her to our booth after he had worn the ELIX on his arm and experienced its benefits.

“Introducing TheraV and the ELIX to the public at the Amputee Coalition National Conference was an amazing experience” said Amira Idris. “We are very excited about getting the ELIX into the hands of our customers, especially after the overwhelming positive response we received.”

During the conference, TheraV began taking pre-orders. Considering that the company plans to manufacture only 100 ELIX for this calendar year (2017), many conference attendees used the opportunity to reserve their very own limited edition ELIX by placing a $10 down payment. The cost of the ELIX is $200 and can be ordered directly from on the website.

The TheraV team would like to thank everyone who helped spread the word about the company, and who continue to refer the ELIX to friends, clinicians, and their support groups.

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