Fun & Functional : IKO Creative Prosthetic

Designer Carlos Arturo Torres merges fun and functional in his design project while interning at Lego’s Future Lab, an experimental research center. While keeping the user in mind, Torres created the IKO Creative Prosthetic which is a prosthetic arm and hand for children that is compatible with any imaginative Lego creation. The IKO Creative Prosthetic allows children with upper limb loss to express their creations and allow them to come to life. Living with limb loss is not viewed as a disability with the IKO, instead it promotes creativity, functionality, and sociability. The IKO has a functional hand option that swivels into place, but can easily be replaced with a lego rocket ship or construction crane! See the video below for more information as well as the IKO in action.

About Writer: Macy Oteri

Macy is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Delaware majoring in exercise science. She has an interest in the field of orthotics and prosthetics and currently works in the Delaware Limb Loss Studies Lab at the University of Delaware.

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